lannyDr. Lanny Brustein, D.C.

Dr. Lanny Brustein prides himself on being very specific. Accurate on diagnosis, effective on treatment and cost affordable!!!

His undergraduate bachelor’s degree was in Psychology from the Long Island University (C.W. Post College) in 1985. He then graduated from the Los Angeles Chiropractic College in 1988. He went on to attain licenses in New York, California, Hawaii and Texas. Practiced in Long Island with his brother and part-time in New York City out of an Orthopedic surgeons’ office till 1990.  He moved to Austin, TX and practiced in Hall Chiropractic from 1990-1992. He started Back in Action Chiropractic in 1992. Practiced alongside of Victory Medical and Family care/Urgent care from 2003-2011.

Dr. Lanny Brustein has undergone neck surgery (3x), knee surgery (2x), umbilical hernia surgery and struggled with chronic pain for (10) years due to a kick boxing injury. He became so obese that he weighed 240 lbs., was Type II diabetic, had high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. As a result of his third neck surgery, he sustained a stroke on 10/3/2011.  His left hand and arm had partial paralysis, had complete loss of speech and had to learn to read and write again. He lost (75 lbs.) and rehabilitated (nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga, tai chi, swimming, weight training).  After which, he felt ready to return to full-time practice.

He restarted Back in Action Chiropractic in 2012 and practiced part time in Lakeway and also inside Blooming Pregnancy spa for (1) year. He was also a Designated Doctor in the Texas Workers Compensation system from 1993-2015.  In 2015, he competed in the Naturally Fit Games, Transformation category and won third place. Combining his background and experience he envisioned a Wellness center and in 2016, he opened Massage + Chiro.  He is also currently teaching Sports injury ‘Extremity adjusting’ to Texas Chiropractors for State board approved continuing education hours.  He is also currently writing the Chiropractic pregnancy protocol.  In addition, he has been a Certified Defensive Driving Instructor since 2014.

After years (28) in practice, he takes his time. The history is usually the key.  Isolate the problem, find the habit, the trauma, the surgery, some repetitive behavior, one’s posture and especially recurring sleep pattern positions.  His goal is to get you out of pain ASAP. Find it, fix it and reinforce it with correct stretches and exercises. He does not like to waste people’s time and money.  He is truly a Musculoskeletal Specialist. His background varies from wrestling, gymnastics, martial arts, grappling, weight training and yoga. He incorporates balance, coordination, prana breathing and wants others to reach their peak performance.

His evaluation begins with the patients standing (eyes closed) Postural analysis, range of motion, joint and nerve normality, motion palpation but most importantly, the manual muscle testing and sleep position analysis.  It is truly the muscles that cause the imbalances leading to acute or chronic joint pain. Isolate the imbalances to assure the adjustments are held in place. Reinforced by his tremendous knowledge of utilizing the 2:1 stretching/exercises for spinal and joint stability and teaches home/fitness training/weight training programs.

Dr. Lanny Brustein is proud to consider himself a Doctor of Chiropractic and not just the street ‘Whack n crack’ Chiropractor.  “There is no reason to have people return for unnecessary multiple visits”. If the adjustments are not holding….it’s the muscles.

He has an arsenal of tools under his belt:

Adjusting skills: Spinal diversified, extremity adjusting (upper & lower limb) and TMJ adjusting, exercise kinesiology, Thai stretching, Pranayama breathing, Craniosacral-technique, activator, drop technique.

Body therapies: Trigger-point combo (US/EMS), Ultrasound (US), Interferential & low volt Galvanic (EMS), Flexion Distraction, Cervical Traction, PNF (proprioceptive neurofacilitation), isometric/isotonic/isokinetic [Concentric/Eccentric] therapeutic exercises, Gait training, heat and ice.

After he survived numerous injuries and a Stroke, he continues to eat clean, weight train and participate in yoga. Dr. Lanny Brustein has ‘walked the walk’ and can truly empathize with your pain. He is passionate to inspire others to improve the quality of their life, based on physical fitness and nutrition.

He IS the Doctor you have been looking for !!!