Hourly Rate

30 min. $35
60 min. $75
90 min. $105


“Foot pressure”, deep flowing strokes & compression


Based on clients personal preference… pressure can be performed with fingertips, thumb, hands, fist or elbows


A diagnosis that was rendered by a health care provider who has determined that massage is essential and medically necessary

Cross Fiber

Breaking up knots and scar tissue, congestion and trigger points across the grain of the muscle


Deep pressure, forearms, fingertips advanced to knuckles, soft/hard fists, elbows or special tools

Lymph Drainage

Long strokes along the superficial lymph system to circulate congestion(swelling/edema) out of the muscle (heart, kidneys, bladder)


Release tension & adhesions of fascia (connective tissue) around the muscle, nerves and bone

Pain Management

Customized pressure and stroke techniques pending acute/chronic condition prescribed and/or recommended by a health care professional


Passive and/or resistive stretching/contraction of muscles to decrease pain, increase joint mobility, flexibility & increase tone


Restore muscle symmetry, while breaking up knots and scar tissue, congestion and trigger points across the grain of the muscle


Muscle, tendon, ligament and joint flexibility to specific injuries of the training athlete


Light to medium long strokes

Trigger Point

Thumb, elbow, fist, special tools to break up knots and release entrapped nerve fibers

Spinal Adjustment - $40

Low or high velocity force directed to misaligned vertebrae which properly restore correct position and posture (Diversified, Activator, Drop)

Extremity Adjustment - $20

Low or high velocity force directed to a misaligned joint which requires proper correct positioning for smooth movement of a specific joint


Passive manual pressure inspire/expire assist to realign cranial suture lines and sacral subluxations

Flexion Distraction - $15

An automated (face down) traction table to help decompress pinched nerves, spinal joints, discs, muscles, tendons and ligaments

Home Stretch/Exercise - $25

To restore muscle symmetry, mobility, reduce pain and strengthen and elongate muscle, joint, tendon and ligament fibers


Manual muscle testing to determine muscle imbalances and implement proper stretches/exercises to restore symmetry

Sleep Posture

To correct gravity, bed & pillow placements.


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3 Month Packages

60 min. Table + adjust.  $99.00/mth


6 Month Packages

15 min. Chair + adjust.  $43.75/mth

60 min. Table + adjust.  $96.25/mth


12 Month Packages

60 min. Table + adjust.  $90.75/mth


12 Month Packages

90 min. Table + adjust.  $112.00/mth